Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Some Valuable Suggestions from the Common Application

By: Kathryn Miller
The Common Application will be launching their "next generation" of applications on August 1, 2013. I will be receiving training and will keep my families updated on what to expect with the new essays and other elements of their revisions.

In the meantime, I just received some helpful tips on how to avoid common mistakes on completing and submitting your Common Application, and wanted to forward those on to you:

Submit Application, Supplements & Payment Separately

The application, supplement, and payment submissions are three distinct processes. Despite instructions and reminders, some students mistakenly believe that the application automatically follows a supplement and/or payment. Please confirm the status of submissions within the "My Colleges" section.

Critical Steps for Successful Support

If you have any problems, all support emails are sent from the "" domain. It is critical that you ensure that both "" and "" are on the safe list and/or address book for your email accounts. This step is especially important for AOL users.  

Before You Submit... 

Clicking "Submit" on your application is like dropping it in a mailbox: you cannot retrieve it, and you cannot edit it. To avoid "clicker's remorse," remember the following:
  • Do not name specific colleges or tailor essays to specific colleges. 
  • Be sure to Preview your work and print it out before submitting.
  • Make sure you have attached the correct documents.
Avoid Multiple Accounts
If you enter an incorrect email address for yourself, or misspell your name, you will wind up with multiple accounts.  Be sue to double check your personal information.  If you still wind up with multiple accounts, the Common App Support Team can help you merge them.

For more suggestions on ways to avoid common pitfalls as you submit your applications, check out my previous blog, "A Few Helpful Hints as You Submit Your Applications."
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