Thank goodness we hired Kathryn! With triplet boys going through the college process, we knew we couldn’t do it alone. Kathryn has been the ultimate professional from the first time we met to our final meeting on transitioning to college. Kathryn was there for our family beginning with Sophomore year helping us make sure the boys were taking the right courses for college. In Junior year, Kathryn guided us through the ACT/SAT process…oh and what a process it was, and worked with each of the boys all along the way helping them narrow down interests for college selection, and college visits. Senior year, which was the most stressful, Kathryn met weekly with the boys to help with college applications, ensuring those essays were specific to each, and then calmed my nerves when the waiting process began.   We are so grateful that we hired Kathryn, we know we wouldn’t have even looked at the colleges where the boys made their final decisions. Each one of the boys are absolutely thrilled with the choice they made, and so are we. Thank you, Kathryn!  -  Parent of Legend H.S. graduates now headed to Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo, Elon University and University of Northern Colorado

On a scale of 1-10, our experience with Kathryn was about a 14! She took the time to get to know our son, his interests, and his goals. She was able to help him recognize what was really important to him in a college and then was meticulous in her vetting effort to present us with a list of recommendations. Her insight to each school was amazing and she was able to clearly articulate the “why” behind each one she presented. She was effective in communicating that there is more to the right college than just a recognizable name, and her process helped us find what our family believes to be a truly perfect fit.  Her decades in the field were evident from the beginning. She helped us understand the complexities of today’s college acceptance process as well as the realities that go along with it. She was positive, supportive, and candid. She’s wonderfully personable and connects well with young people.  I guess it is true that Miller Educational Consulting is a business, but in reality it is the tool Kathryn uses to pursue her calling—helping young people find the right educational path to achieve their goals and to be their best selves.   If you have a talented son or daughter and you want to help them find the college or university where they will thrive, you need to call Kathryn Miller. -  Parent of a Legend H.S. graduate now headed to Macalester College.

Kathryn was an amazing resource throughout my application process. With her help, I was able to complete all my applications well before deadlines and keep my senior year far less stressful. I got constructive, prompt feedback on essays, and Kathryn even made the process fun by helping me brainstorm topics I was excited to write about. She helped me set manageable goals every few weeks that kept me from being overwhelmed. Moreover, she was simply fun and easy to work with and genuinely cared about me beyond my college applications. I could not be more excited to be attending my first-choice college, or more grateful to Kathryn for her guidance and insight along the way! - ThunderRidge H.S. senior now attending Vanderbilt University

Kathy was a wonderful resource for our son.  She helped guide him and us through the difficult college selection and application process, focusing on our son’s preferences and interests.  Kathy was invaluable, caring and knowledgeable.  Kathy got to know our son through their meetings, making the process personal and individual.  Kathy listened to our son’s ideas and choices, offered ways to achieve them, and offered alternatives.  Kathy provided resources and suggestions for test preparation and essay writing.  She promoted thoughts regarding the essays and then helped to make it the best possible writing - - still written by our son.  We would highly recommend Kathy for any college-bound student.  - Parents of a Legend H.S. student now attending University of Denver

Kathy really helped me in my college search. Although the entire process was still difficult and frustrating, I have no idea where I would have even started without her. She had me looking at schools that I never would have known about, and she immensely helped me hone my essay writing skills. With her help, I got into seven out of eight school that I applied to, and I'm headed to a school I am really excited about and with a great scholarship. Kathy's help was indispensable.  - Cherry Creek H.S. graduate now attending Tulane University
Kathryn Miller’s help was invaluable throughout my college application process.  Her counsel helped me establish goals to keep me on track, refine my essays to be concise and eloquent, gain important perspective, and manage the stress of the application season.   By checking in with Kathryn each month, I established incremental goals that were easy to accomplish and stayed on top of deadlines.  Her software was invaluable in narrowing down the number of essays I had to write while applying to different institutions.  She enabled me to write fewer essays of a higher quality by reminding me what colleges were looking for in essays and suggesting excellent revisions.  With her experienced perspective, she encouraged me to narrow down what I desired in a college and provided easy access to beneficial information about the schools in which I was interested.  Yet most importantly, she was a true friend and a wonderful support throughout the stressful application season.  I would recommend Kathryn Miller not only for her ability to navigate the complicated world of college applications, but for her genuine caring for each of her clients as well.  - ThunderRidge H.S. IB graduate and a Boettcher Scholar, who graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre & Performance at CU Boulder
Kathy Miller has her finger on the pulse of colleges and universities across the country; she continues to be in contact personally to know what they are doing and in what direction they are moving. Kathy is an invaluable source of a lengthy prolonged course to find the best fits of higher education for our children. Since the process is in flux year to year, it helps to work with someone who can present the changes coherently and cogently. To parents with children working their way through high school with plans and desires to advance education and their futures, I continue to recommend a contact with Kathy. - Parent of a Cherry Creek H.S. graduate now attending Tulane University
I cannot thank Kathy enough for all she has done for us. Our son is going to a college which he would never have heard about if it was not for her and it seems to be the perfect fit. In addition, with Kathy's help, he was awarded a substantial scholarship which has really helped us with the costs of attending college. Kathy helped our son to open his mind to all sorts of possibilities for his college career and we are truly grateful. She was with him every step of the way (making a list of preferences and priorities, choosing the colleges to apply to, assisting with the essays and applications, advising us on FAFSA deadlines, encouraging our son to apply for many scholarships, and chase up on applications). This was an amazingly positive experience for all of us.  -  Parent of a Lakewood H.S. student now attending Quest University in British Columbia, Canada
We wanted to hire a college consultant because our son was not the type of student to sit down and get his essays done over summer break and we did not want to have to continually bug him to get all of the application steps completed. We selected Kathy because we knew her to be an extremely hard working and organized person. That was the best decision we could have made! She worked with our son, gave fantastic advice, kept him willingly on task, and had him get the college applications submitted right on schedule. He achieved the ultimate goal of being accepted into the reach program at his reach school! Working with Kathy was a dream for us as parents, and she helped to fulfill a dream for our son.  - Parents of a Kent Denver who graduated from CU - Leeds School of Business
We couldn't be prouder of (our daughter) and her accomplishments, especially her hard work in getting into Tufts. And we think that you were a big factor in making that dream come true. Thank you for all you did to make that happen. We are very pleased with your service and will heartily recommend you to all our friends and colleagues. - Parents of a Cherry Creek H.S. student now attending Tufts University
It has been a pleasure working with you this year...Even when my application caused stress and I didn't want to meet up, you stayed very supportive, and I hope you know your work did not go unappreciated...Although I filled out my application, I am convinced you helped me get where I am right now. It is challenging to work with my age group - we truly don't know what we want at this point in our lives, and we change our minds countless times before we finally decide - I truly commend you, Kathy! - Legend H.S. graduate now attending University of Denver
You have truly been a blessing in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me in the time I have known you. I so appreciate how you encouraged me without pressuring me to finish everything, and letting me know that if I needed a gap year, it would be okay. That was exactly the kind of encouragement that I needed and you were one of the only people who gave it to me unconditionally. I cannot even begin to delineate how much appreciation and gratitude I have for you. You have taught me so many things and you have truly made a difference in my life. - Legend H.S. graduate now attending Colorado State University
It was great for (our son) to have another adult giving advice (not just hearing it from his parents) and also someone that could help him step back and look at different options.  He was getting some help from his high school, but the focused attention, from Kathy, to fine tune his college path was exceptional.  Her expertise in university specialties, admittance process, financials and scholarships were beyond our expectations.  We cannot thank you enough for all you have done to help our son. You are truly a godsend for us. We could not have done this without you. You made a wonderful influence on him. Thank you so much! - Parents of a Cherry Creek H.S. student who graduated from New York University
Thank you so much for all your help these last couple months.  I couldn't be happier with my decision.  Amazing to find someone who cares about not only my education, but me as an individual. My family and I couldn't be happier with my college plans, and I give nothing but praise to you for getting me there.   - Highlands Ranch H.S. graduate now attending CU School of Education
A pleasure to find someone who works with and listens to my child’s needs and wants!  Thank you for helping us both see the light at the end of the tunnel!  You have helped this mom feel at peace!
- Parent of a Highlands Ranch H.S. student now attending CU
I just wanted to say that it was so great having someone there to help keep me on track, making sure that I crossed my t's and dotted my i's. Without your help I would never have found all the great schools around the country that I was able to apply to and then get into! You were also extremely helpful in getting my all important portfolio ready and making sure that I was ready for my interviews.  Getting into my dream school was amazing and your help got me there. I also really want to thank you for helping me with scholarships. With your help I was able to get nearly $500,000 in scholarships from the schools I applied to! Not to mention the fact that working with you was FUN! It was great to talk to someone that understood the stress that this process is and was able to help. Thanks so much.  -  Cherry Creek H.S. graduate who graduated from New York University
Thank goodness we hired you...I would never and could never do all that you do!  - Parent of a Kent Denver and CU Leeds graduate 

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